floor paints

IT CHOOSES YOUR SUBCATEGORY PUNCTURING OR IN THE PHOTOS OR IN THE DESCRIPTIONS GIVE DOWN BELOW. In this Category You can Buy Painting for the treatment of soils. You can find painting for road signposting, Painting Car - nivelante, Painting for sports tracks, painting for garages, Glaze for any type of pavements. In the subcategory of painting for soils of interior and painting for soils of Exterior.

 You will be able to buy the painting that you need to paint any type of soil. Painting Epoxi, Painting Acílica or Painting Polyurethane. Priming for the soil: Bridges of union, primings all kinds. It is very important, to decide what painting you are going to use, to have clear the characteristics of the painting that you want to apply, if it resists the physical and mechanical traffic, if it resists the water or chemical products, etc.... Do not doubt, if you have any doubt about doing, Call Us and we will advise you, in a soil it is very important to apply correctly the suitable painting.

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