INDUSTRIAL (Secado Rápido)

TO BUY INDUSTRIAL PAINTING FOR WOOD (DRIED RAPID) SCULLION IN AN ARTICLE, TO CHOOSE THE DIFFERENT OPTIONS OF A PRODUCT AND ADD IT TO HIS BASKET. To buy Enamel of dried rapidly, advisable for finished manufacturers in painting for wood, normally applied to pistol or air-less. These paintings or enamels for wood, almost always are diluted by Industrial Solvent of Dried Rapidly. We recommend to him to observe in every product what type of solvent he needs. We make painting or enamel for wood, in any color of the cartas de colores, in ended I shine, satiny or dully. 

Painting for the decoration of the wood with Fireproof certificate or anti fire (painting against the fire for wood). Painting buys for wood in color aluminium. If you need advice how to paint the wood, our technical personnel will be able to give you tricks and advices to paint her. It enters our shop online of painting and consult us.

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