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Colorante ROJO OXIDO
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Dyes for painting

Water stains

Colorantes al Agua
From €3.93 €4.62
WATER DYE FOR paint or varnish Coloring to the water in all colors for plastic and water paintings. Dyes with high dyeing power High quality at affordable price and easy dosing. If you want to create your own mixes of color, you can buy dyes spring water and let your imagination. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT CREATING WITH COLOR DYES CLICK HERE...
Mate Cubrición Doble Exterior
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Special paint

Plastic transparent paint (matte)

BASE Export
From €11.01 €11.59
PLASTIC PAINT FOR TRANSPARENT WALLS (MATE) Plastic paint of very high quality, transparent or colorless finish especially recommended for high decoration. Varnish for walls painted with latex paint, matte finish. Transparent plastic paint to protect and decorate walls. For walls indoors and outdoors.    IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HOW TO CREATE...
NOGALINA EN ESCAMAS (Tinte para madera)
paints for wood

Nogalina FLAKE (wood stain)

From €2.06
Nogalina DYE FLAKE easy to prepare dye, it used to stain all the raw wood. The nogalina comes in flakes, which melt in warm water. They can get the color from walnut, through the media, according to the dark walnut hue requerida- all transparent. About the cast does an aged effect.

Dyes to buy to the water for plastic Painting Letter of colourings, to create your own colors. If you like to invent, this one is your section, we propose you 10 colors of dyes of painting, super concentrates to realize your mixtures and to obtain thousands of different colors. You can buy a painting to the water or plastic arts in white and mix with our dyes to the water, to create your own mixtures of color.

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