Decorative painting

IT CHOOSES YOUR SUBCATEGORY PUNCTURING IN THE PHOTOS OR THE DESCRIPTIONS GIVE DOWN BELOW In the category of Decoration YOU can BUY PLASTIC PAINTING of great quality. You can buy painting both for walls of interior and for walls of exterior. We have plastic dull painting or plastic satiny painting. If you want to buy plastic white Painting, it punctures in this subcategory, here you will be able to find: ecological Painting, painting to the silicate, plastic painting of different qualities, and different prices. If you want to buy plastic Painting in Colors, prickle in the corresponding subcategoriía, here you will be able to find: Painting Monogelds of our color chart, or painting in any color of the letter Ncs or Ral,  With our system of tintometría. If you want to buy Painting for the preparation of surfaces, prickle in the corresponding subcategory, here you will be able to buy painting for: Preparation of walls: painting to remove spots of dampness, painting to remove spots of smoke, painting ant-imoho, rugose painting, flexible painting, smooth painting, painting or priming for sealants to the water, concentrated latex, plastes for the repair of walls, bridge of union to join different caps of cement, etc... In superior orders to 200 kgs. made-to-measure manufactures will be realized and with delivery time to being convenient, in the section. Plastic Dull paintings of Interior, Exterior and Glossed. (Consult us)

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