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Painting HIGH QUALITY...
  • Reduced price / -20%
Paint Facades COLOUR

Painting HIGH QUALITY Facades (Tintometry)

R01 / IR800
From €10.65 €13.31
PAINTING FOR FACADES IN COLORS WITH DOUBLE COVERING Plastic and acrylic paint to water vapor permeable, waterproof finishes for high adhesion and excellent abrasion resistance. Painting for the protection and repair of facades. Protection and decoration of facades and roofs, uralite or insulation TO KNOW MORE OF HOW TO ORDER A COLOR LETTER NCS...
Painting FACADES (Pastels...
  • Reduced price / -20%
Paint Facades COLOUR

Painting FACADES (Pastels Tintometría)

From €16.46 €20.57
PAINTING FOR FACADES IN PASTEL COLORS Exterior wall painting, of very high quality, which provides good conditions of outdoor and weather resistance, high washability, and good coverage. Recommended for interior and exterior Washability greater than 10,000 double passes according to DIN 53778 TO KNOW HOW TO ORDER A PENCIL COLOR LETTER COLORS NCS
Plastic paint High Quality...
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We make YOUR COLOR (Colors as)

Plastic paint High Quality (tinting)

IR900 colores
From €32.91 €41.14
LASTIC COVERING PAINT COLOR DOUBLE EXTRA Plastic paint with high resistance to external and weather, high washability and excellent coverage. Suitable for harsh environments of sun and water, bars, kitchens and places that require a great washability even with aggressive cleaning products Plastic paint market with better quality IF YOU WANT MORE...
Satinado Interior - Exterior
  • Reduced price / -30%
Decorative painting

White Satin paint

Satinado Interior-Exterior
From €24.56 €35.09
PLASTIC PAINT WHITE SATIN Satin Decorative Painting to paint walls and ceilings in interior and exterior of the home. Very high quality plastic paint, with a great finish SATIN Maximum resistance to the outside. High washability. Great coverage and ANTIMOHO character Great Value IF YOU WANT INFORMATION ON HOW TO ORDER A COLOR TO MEASURE OF...
Pintura al silicato
  • Reduced price / -15%

Painting silicate mineral

R03 -Silicato Potásico
From €34.97 €41.14
MINERAL SILICATE PAINT Color White NO paint film form, leaves a layer permeable to water vapor NOT FALL WITH MOISTURE it leaves no bubbles and is highly resistant to light and aggressive environments Compatible with relatively recent plasters High stability even under humid conditions, the support, highly variable Fireproof paint, and ecological...
Revestimiento Liso Blanco
  • Reduced price / -15%

Waterproof Paint Facades (Tintometry)

R06 Revestimiento poliuretano
From €46.28 €54.45
ACRYLIC PAINTING WITH POLYURETHANE IN NCS COLORS Waterproof paint for walls and facades Very suitable for waterproofing and protection of exterior walls and facades. Facade paint that provides impermeable films, with great weather resistance and high adhesion. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HOW TO ORDER A COLOR FROM THE NCS COLOR CHART, CLICK HERE
Revestimiento Liso Blanco
  • Reduced price / -20%
Surface preparation to paint

Painting ELASTIC ANTI-CRACK (Color) Repair cracks

From €38.72 €48.40
Exterior flexible coating for color BY LETTER COLORS NCS Elastic acrylic paint with high adhesion that provides elastic and waterproof finish, covering any cracks and crevices in walls and facades Suitable for the protection and rehabilitation of facades. Reprar paint cracks and fissures To learn more on how to order a color chart NCS click HERE

We manufacture the color you want in high quality plastic paint.
If you need to buy Plastic Exterior Paint for highly decorated finishes, in any color, we have developed a tinting system to get thousands of colors.
. We faithfully reproduce in plastic paint, any color from the NCS Color chart.


You can download any color chart in our COLOR CHART section, so you can choose the color you like best. You only have to look at the reference code of the color chart, to be able to buy the painting and add it in the order so that we can manufacture the decorative paint in your favorite color.

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