Plastic paint COLORS

DECORATIVE PAINTING IN COLORS CHOOSES YOUR SUBCATEGORY PUNCTURING IN THE PHOTOS OF UNDER THE TEXT. IT PUNCTURES in the subcategory of Alta Decoración's "MONOCAPS" TO BUY PLASTIC PAINTING in the colors of our color chart. In our Color chart You Monogeld, you will be able to buy 19 colors of plastic painting of the highest quality and excellent copulation for the Decoration of the walls of your home, both for interior and for exterior. IT PUNCTURES in the subcategory TINTROMETÍA " if what you wish is a COLOR In proportion to the Color chart NCS or the color chart RAL Both types of plastic painting are Indicated by his quality so much for interior, since for exterior. Washable painting, with a quality of 40.000 doubles spent. On having bought decorative Painting, of gift, a grid that mates in the boat of painting to drain the roller. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR DISCOUNTS OF 20 %!!!!

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