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Anti-slip paint additive

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Complement of dolomite that, added to the painting, confers anti-slip properties.

To achieve the anti-slip effect, add an envelope of 20 grs to 750ml. / 100 grs for 4 liters / 350 grs for 15 liters

Product to be added to enamels, paints and varnishes, which require an anti-slip finish.

  • 1 KG
  • 100 grs
  • 500 grs

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Anti Slip Additive Description

Product to be added to enamels, paints and varnishes, requiring an anti-slip finish.

To achieve the anti-slip effect, an envelope of 20 grams should be added to each 750ml container. Enamel, paint or varnish or an envelope of 100 grs. For a pack of 4 liters and 350 grs. For a container of 15 liters.

Do not add more than 20% of the total paint.

Mix properly with the paint to be used and apply by brush, roller or spray gun.

WARNING: If the additive is mixed with bright finish paints, they will be colored a little by the effect of the mixture.

Fields of application of the additive for non-slip paints

It gives a finish of appearance of a fine sandpaper, but you can add more quantity to obtain a more non-slip finish

Product to add enamels, paints of floors and varnishes that require an anti-slip finish, we recommend its use in swimming pool curbs, shower trays, metal or wooden stairs, boat decks, windsurf boards, signposting lines, Bathtubs, garage ramps, etc.

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antideslizante muy útil

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Muy útil y de muy buena calidad este producto y muchas gracias a la de atención al cliente por resolverme todas las dudas y no dudaré en volver a comprar en esta tienda.


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