Two component paint What is it? How to use it?


A bi-component paint, or two-component paint, is one that is packaged separately and served in two different cans, or in a painting set.

On the one hand the paint is packaged (Component A) and on the other hand the catalyst (Component B)

These two components will be mixed at the time of use.

In the price of these paintings, the two boats are usually included, or the complete set.


When preparing the paint to apply it, the two components must be mixed properly.

The proportion of the mixture will be the total of container A (paint) together with the total of the container of component B (catalyst).

If we do not want to use the total of the containers, because we estimate that we will have more material, or we will not be able to spend everything at the time when the mixture dies and no longer works, we will look either at the packaging or at the technical sheet of the product, which is where the proportion of the mixture will be indicated. For example 8: 1 (every eight parts of paint, 1 of catalyst.)

Add in a bottle or empty container, the total of the paint, along with the total of the catalyst (or the proportional part of each container, in case you are not going to use all the content of the game)

Let stand this mixture a few minutes (3-5).

To this mixture, already agitated, it will be necessary to add the appropriate Solvent to each painting, to dilute it conveniently, both in the first hand, as in the second.

It is convenient to read the technical sheet of each product, to know the% of solvent that each paint needs.

The paint of two components, has a useful life.

This means that after a few hours have elapsed since its mixing, the paint dies, and can not be used. (The useful life of the mixed paint is usually between 3 to 6 hours)

It is very important to know the life of the mixture of these paintings, data that can be read in the technical sheet of each painting.

But we should not be afraid to use paints of two components, its quality is unbeatable, never comparable to a 1-component paint, and the working time is usually broad.

 We can always buy the paint in containers in the smallest packaging game, to mix the paint little by little, just as we are spending it.

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