Color chart Ral

Color chart Ral

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Disburden the color chart RAL. It goes down until the end of the page and prickle in UNLOADS REMEMBERS THAT THE COLORS according to the calibration of the screen, can change from an equipment to other one.

For more detail of the Letter Ral it is possible to visualize in:

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RAL color chart

Download the RAL color chart

REMEMBER THE COLORS as the calibration of the screen may vary from one computer to another.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and CLICK ON DOWNLOADS, you can choose different types of files, WORD, OFFICE, ETC ..

For more detail Ral Charter can be viewed at:

Several of as Pantone color charts, Cielab or IRAM. The RAL is another common use them. The origin is German Reichsausschuss its acronym fuer Lieferbedingungen. Originally RAL had an amount of 40 tones, although at present grown pretty, but does not cover as many as Pantone guide.

All RAL colors are identified by a 4-digit number, where the first is the family or home key:

1: Yellow 
2: Oranges 
3: Reds 
4: Purple 
5: Blue 
6: Green 
7: Grey 
8: Brown 
9: Blacks and Whites

Due to the various calibrated screen, appreciation of colors may vary from one computer to another. In this sense, this table is indicative. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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